coalition letters

Coalition Letters

Coalition Letter from 81 Organizations to Congress Opposing Attacks on Protections for Students and Taxpayers in the House PROSPER Act — February 2018

Comments from 41 Organizations to Secretary DeVos Opposing the Gutting or Weakening of Regulations that Protect Students and Taxpayers — September 2017

Coalition Comment Opposing the Delay, Dismantling, or Weakening of the Gainful Employment or Borrower Defense Rules — July 2017

Veterans and Military Organizations Letter Opposing Any Delay of the Borrower Defense and College Accountability Rules – June 2017

Coalition Letter Supporting Rules that Protect Students and Taxpayers from Waste and Fraud in Higher Education — March 2017

Veterans and Military Organizations Letter Opposing Efforts to Weaken Student Protections — February 2017

Coalition Letter to President Obama on Education Department Complaint Tracking System — October 2016

Coalition Letter Urging Strong Borrower Relief and College Accountability Regulations — August 2016

Coalition Letter Opposing Efforts to Weaken Gainful Employment Regulation and Other Student Protections — June 2016

Coalition Letter on Implementation of the Gainful Employment Regulation — May 2016

Coalition Letter Calling on Department of Education to Halt Federal Funding for Predatory Schools That Deny Students’ Legal Rights — March 2016

Coalition Letter on Improving the Relief Process for Defrauded Students — March 2016

Coalition Letter to Education Department on Proposed Complaint Tracking System — February 2016

Coalition Letter Opposing Efforts to Block Gainful Employment Regulation — October 2015

Coalition Letter to Secretary Duncan Asking that Investigations be Included in College Comparison Tool — July 2015

Coalition Letter Urging a Proactive, Student-Centered Response to Troubled For-Profit Colleges — June 2015

Coalition Letter Urging Education Department to Take Immediate Actions for Former Students of Closed Corinthian Schools — May 2015

Coalition Letter Opposing the “Supporting Academic Freedom through Regulatory Relief Act — April 2015

Coalition Statement on the Report of the Task Force on Federal Regulation of Higher Education — February 23, 2015

Fair Arbitration Now letter on Corinthian Colleges Sale to ECMC Group — January 22, 2015

Coalition letter on Proposed sale of Corinthian Colleges to ECMC Group — December 2014

Civil Rights Coalition Brief Gainful Employment: A Civil Rights Perspective — October 2014

Coalition letter urging strong Gainful Employment Rule – May 2014

Coalition letter to President Obama urging strong and prompt “gainful employment” rule – February 2014

Coalition letter to House Committee Chairs Opposing H.R. 2637 — Updated August 2013

Coalition letter to President Obama urging prompt rulemaking to enforce “gainful employment” requirement April 2013

Coalition letter asking Secretary Duncan to hold career education programs accountable August 2012

Coalition letter on regulation regarding new program approval November 2011

Coalition letter opposing efforts to nullify the gainful employment regulation June 2011

Coalition letter to Senator Reid opposing efforts to block the gainful employment regulation April 2011

Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights letter February 2011

Coalition letter urging strong “Gainful Employment” regulation January 2011

Civil Rights and Minority Serving Organizations letter, September 20, 2010

Coalition Letter Urging Strengthened Rules for Gainful Employment, August 2010

Coalition Letter Urging Quick Action on Strong Gainful Employment Definition, June 2010

Coalition Letter Urging Stronger Rules for Career Education, May 2010

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